This is an adult channel.  It exists for your chatting pleasure.  We are there to preserve the right of our guests and regulars to have fun and enjoy themselves.  Private conflicts between chatters will not be resolved by the channel operators.  We suggest that you use the ignore function in your chat software (mIRC, etc.) to prevent specific people from interacting with you.  If you are unsure how to use it, please ask an operator.  If these conflicts are brought into channel, it becomes our business and will be dealt with accordingly.

Due to the argumentative nature of politics, we will not tolerate heated debates involving it.  If you need to vent about your government and yell or scream,  join #politics.  Please act like a respectful human.

Ladies, if you need a mIRC script to manage private messages (block, allow on request, etc.) please ask an operator.

Female humilation (#familysex, #anythingbeastiality, #femhumiliationsex) and channels of that nature will not be tolerated.  You will be asked to leave them or you will be kicked and banned.

We are fun and easy to chat with.  Come with an open mind and get to know us!

If you are not 21+, please find another channel.

Channel Owner & Operators