Welcome to the Official Website of #40+StillRockin!

This channel is dedicated to pure, no hassle adult fun and entertainment! Our purpose is to provide you with a friendly chat environment and quality radio streaming.We hope you enjoy your stay here and have fun browsing through our site.

Our Forums

A place for you, our friends, to interact with us on another level.  Start a topic or post comments on an existing one! Forum features include member messaging, picture/file uploads, calendar, birthdays, polling and searching.Forum boards include: Sex and other Hawt Topics, Politics, Religion and Other Lunacy, Sports, Jokes, Pet Pictures,General Discussion, mIRC help and more!

Connecting To Us

Our channel #40+StillRockin is located on the Undernet group of IRC servers. The most popular software used to connect to this network is mIRC. Help with installing and configuring this software can be found here.